Biographie de Peter Watts (1958)

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By affinibook on Jul 30, 2009

Peter Watts is a Canadian science fiction author and marine-mammal biologist.

His first novel Starfish (2000) introduced Lenie Clarke, a deep-ocean power-station worker physically altered for underwater living and the main character in the sequels: Maelstrom (2001), Behemoth: β-Max (2004) and Behemoth: Seppuku (2005). The last two volumes comprise one novel, published split in two for commercial considerations. Starfish, Maelstrom and Behemoth comprise a trilogy usually referred to as "Rifters" after the modified humans designed to work in deep-ocean environments.

His latest book Blindsight, released October 2006, has been described by Charles Stross thus: "Imagine a neurobiology-obsessed version of Greg Egan writing a first contact with aliens story from the point of view of a zombie posthuman crewman aboard a starship captained by a vampire, with not dying as the boobie prize."

Watts has also been the Supervising Writer on the animated science fiction film and television project "Strange Frame".

Watts has made his novels and some short fiction available on his website under Creative Commons licence. He believes that doing so has "actually saved [his] career outright, by rescuing Blindsight from the oblivion to which it would have otherwise been doomed."

He also worked briefly with Relic Entertainment on one of the early drafts of the story that would eventually, years later, become Homeworld 2. However, the draft Watts worked on bears little resemblance to the one used for the released game.

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By Mirsky on Apr 29, 2009

Peter Watts est né en 1958 au Canada et vit à Toronto. Biologiste marin de formation, il est l'auteur d'une dizaine de nouvelles et de cinq romans dont ce dernier, Vision aveugle, a été nominé à tous les grands prix de SF.