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Translations by affinibook on Jun 2, 2009  

Hi guys !

A good news for english-speaking users: after more than one year, I finally decided to translate Affinibook's content in English (I know, I know, it's about time !)

I just started the translation process, so don't be surprised to find some pages partially translated; and tell me if you find any misspellings or other translation issues...

Hope you like it !

PS: This website can potentially be translated in a lot of different languages, I can deal with the french and english version, but if you volunteer to add others languages (it would be very nice!), just tell me and I will explain you how to do it (it's quite easy).

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Tadam ! by affinibook on Apr 6, 2008  

The first beta is online !

  • A member acces is available
  • You can add new authors with their biography

Not many functionalities yet, be patient...

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