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By kalime on Apr 1, 2009

Gr. 9-12. In Westerfeld's latest smart, urbane fantasy, parasite positives, or "peeps," are maniacal cannibals that cause illness. College freshman Cal was lucky: he contracted the sexually transmitted disease during a one-night stand, but it never developed into its full-blown form. Now he works for an underground bureau in Manhattan that tracks down peeps. Apart from the cravings for rare meat and enforced celibacy (turning lovers into monsters is "not an uplifting thing"), life is okay--until a hip, cute journalism student intensifies Cal's yearnings for companionship. Complicating matters are indications that peeps have an urgent evolutionary purpose.

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By kalime  on Apr 1, 2009

Une histoire de vampire ou le vampirisme s'apparente ici à une maladie, l'idée n'est pas neuve mais le scénario est largement un cran au dessus des "Blade", "Underworld" & consort.



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