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Rifters trilogy: Starfish (1999 - English)

De Peter Watts ajouté le Aug 12, 2009 (environ 448 pages)


Welcome to Beebe Station.

You're three kilometers below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. You're perched on the shoulder of an active volcano. The local fauna is very large and very nasty. If it doesn't kill you, a mudslide or an erupting smoker probably will.

Your fellow employees are rapists, pedophiles, borderline psychotics, and victims of same.

You feel very lucky to be here.

This is a damn sight better than the life you left behind.

Editeur: Affinibook (www.affinibook.com)

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Rifters trilogy: Maelstrom (2001 - English)

De Peter Watts ajouté le Aug 12, 2009 (environ 493 pages)


Welcome Back.

Not quite the place you remember, is it? Earthquakes and tsunamis don't fool around. But then what did they expect, detonating five hundred megatons on an active fracture zone?

They expected to kill you, of course. They killed millions, turned a dozen cities upside-down, to get you out of the way. They'll be really disappointed to find out they didn't succeed.

Something already knows that, though. Something vast, and powerful, and utterly inhuman. Something that seems to have its own uses for you.

You don't know why any of this is happening.

You will.

Editeur: Affinibook (www.affinibook.com)

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Rifters trilogy: Behemoth (2005 - English)

De Peter Watts ajouté le Sep 17, 2009 (environ 715 pages)


Five years ago you destroyed the world.

The world had it coming.

So you brought back a gift from the deep sea, a doomsday microbe to throw the planet on its side. Now DNA itself is on the way out. North America lies in ruins beneath the thumb of an omnipotent psychopath. Governments across the globe have fallen; warlords and suicide cults have risen from the ashes. All because five years ago, you had a score to settle.

But you've discovered something in the meantime: you destroyed the world on false pretenses.

For years now you've cowered among the mountains of the deep Atlantic. But you cannot hide forever. The consequences of past acts reach inexorably to the very bottom of the world — and suddenly, even here, there's no way to take back the body count.

One way or another, you're about to face the mess you made.

Editeur: Affinibook (www.affinibook.com)

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