« Magic for beginners », Acknowledgements  


First, thanks to my family: Annabel Jones Link, Bill and Linda, Holly, Ben, and Edwin and Lou Jones. Thanks to my agent, Renée Zuckerbrot, for her care and patience. Thanks also to Richard Butner, Barb Gilly, Gwenda Bond, Christopher Rowe, John Kessel, the Sycamore Hill Workshop, Jonathan Lethem, Jeffrey Ford, Maureen F. McHugh, Walter Jon Williams, the workshop at Rio Hondo, Sarah Smith and CSFW, Kim Stanley Robinson, Sean Stewart, China Miéville, Jim Cambias and Diane Kelly, Jedediah Berry, Vincent McCaffrey and Thais Coburn, Yoshio Kobayashi, Jack Cheng and Julie Crosson, Ada Vassilovski and Peter Cramer, Fleur Penman, Julide Aker and Andrew Cohen, Batu Erman for the loan of his name; Lonely Planet Turkish Phrasebook for help with the phrases; Hugh Fowler, Jim Baker, Charles Brown, Veronica Schanoes, Eileen Gunn and John Berry, Eliani Torres, Holly Black, Joshua Lewis, Cassandra Claire, Haymarket and JavaNet. Thanks to Paul Ingram, Micha Hershman, and Deb Tomaselli, and all the booksellers for their enthusiasm and support for Stranger Things Happen. Thanks to The Magnetic Fields and Future Bible Heroes—Claudia Gonson, Chris Ewen, Stephin Merritt—for letting me open for them; thanks to editors Ellen Datlow, Terri Windling, Sharyn November, Jim Frenkel, Peter Straub, Michael Chabon, Bradford Morrow, Ted Thompson. Thanks to my students at the Clarion workshops, and the writers of the Online Writing Workshop. Thanks to: Christopher Barzak for sending me CDs from Japan; Karen Joy Fowler for the wedding chapel; William Smith for the zombie movies; Shelley Jackson for lots of stuff; Gavin J. Grant for everything.