« Warbreaker », Acknowledgements   


            I haven’t yet complied a list of all the people who have given feedback on this project.  It’s going to be a large task to do so!  I plan to do it eventually, though. 

            Many thanks to the following people who have commented on the book so far, or who have given me proofreading help!  Special thanks in this department go to Emily Sanderson, Joevans3, and Dreamking47 for their extensive suggestions.   

            Also, many thanks to Jeff Creer, Megan Kauffman, thelsdj, Peter Ahlstrom, Miriel, Greyhound, Texxas, Demented Yam, D.Demille, Loryn, Kuntry Bumpken, BarbaraJ, Shir Hasirim, Digitalbias, Spink Longfellow, amyface, Richard Gordon, Swiggly, Dawncawley, Derio, amyface, and David B for their suggestions and encouragement.