« Warbreaker », Revisions done in Versions 5.0 and 6.0   

Revisions done in Versions 5.0 and 6.0

            5.0 and 6.0 were done in the space of about a three week window during June and July of 2008.  This is the edit where I included changes requested by my editor and my agent.  Many of the fixes for 5.0 were simple line edits and polishing.  6.0 focused on some larger issues.

            One of the main changes was to include just a tad more ‘wit’ to some of Lightsong’s dialogue.  This is particularly noticeable in his early chapters.  This was requested by my editor.

            Another major change to Lightsong’s sections was to give him visions of war earlier, adding to the sense of foreboding and danger in his scenes.  This was requested by my agent to give a better feel of a threat in the book.

            I also revised to include the concept of “Kalad’s Phantoms,” the army that Kalad used during the Manywar and left hidden somewhere.  This was because I worried about the statues at the end coming too much out of nowhere.  Note that I’ve also changed them from being Awakened statures to Lifeless encased in stone, which I think fit better with what the magic system does and made more sense.

            I spent more time foreshadowing what the upper Heightenings can do, and included several distinct clues that Vasher is himself Returned.  I fixed Lightsong’s final infiltration into Mercystar’s palace, giving him dreams that drove him to sneak in at the time he did, to explain the coincidence of him being there right when Blushweaver was brought in.  I also made many changes to flow, cut down a lot of paragraphs that felt unwieldy, and gave the book overall polish.  This should be the last version posted on-line.  From now on, we move to paper edits, though I’ll try to get a pdf of the final book to post once the hardcover is released.    

            Also, look for a new Lightsong scene in Chapter Twenty-Two, added by the request of my editor to show him interacting with other gods a little more and to show him coming to a decision about joining Blushweaver’s faction.