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Dianne Morgan

Dianne Morgan is the CEO of VantagePoint Software, the developer of the ubiquitous Atlas Operating System. The Department of Justice dragged VPS into court over alleged anti-trust violations and won the case. Dianne was jailed for contempt and had spent several weeks in a solitary cell, when her attorney came to bring her the bad news that the judge had decided to split the company into a number of smaller entities. I created this brief monologue to illustrate her personality; it's not part of the novel.

This is what she said to her attorney:

One of the guards – the greasy-looking bastard who thinks he’s a stud – just gave me the bad news. Can I tell you something? He came into my cell last night and tried to put his paws on me. I noticed his fingers were swollen this morning. He’s lucky I didn’t break them.

I always knew we were going to lose that so-called anti-trust trial. The fix was in; don’t try to tell me anything else. Our software company was getting too big, too powerful, too effective. They knew that once Ray completes the speech recognition project, we’ll blow away the competition and dominate the operating system market. Didn’t I tell you Ray would come through, even though he’s got that drinking problem!

Okay, so I lost my temper at the trial. I should have kept it together, but that slimebag lawyer they brought in practically called me a whore. On national TV! I won’t forget that. Six weeks in prison because I stood up for what I believe in, because they can’t stand how big we’ve become, how much the people respect me.

So they’re going to break the company into a research lab and a bunch of sales companies. They’re leaving me in charge of the research lab. How nice of them. I have to report to a government bureaucrat – I’m being redundant – and get his approval every time I go to the bathroom.

Like hell!

Well, I’ve had time to do some thinking. They believe I’m just going to go meekly into the night, but they don’t really know me. They don’t understand how I built the biggest software company in the world. They don’t understand how I got where I am.

Here’s the plan …